Come on a Gap Year in Israel and achieve personal and professional growth that will better prepare you for university, and beyond!

Why Take a Gap Year?

  • 2/3 of people who took a gap year or sabbatical said it greatly benefited their CV and employability.
  • 9/10 students who take a gap year return to attend college, and they are more focused and motivated than their counterparts.
  • The skills and experiences you gain will help prepare you for university and employment both academically and socially. Gap years really boost and hone in on the attributes and qualities employers are looking for.
  • Benefit from hands-on experiences in your field of interest, trips around the country, Hebrew lessons, leadership & delegation opportunities and much more!
Masa Israel Journey offers college-bound high school graduates the opportunity to acquire a global perspective and venture into independent living, while having an incredible Israel experience. Optimize this time by volunteering, interning, or studying, while taking on this great adventure before heading off to university. Come find out what you’re made of!

Want to hear more?

    Types of Gap Year Programs:

  • Leadership: Engage with life-changing social action issues, discover projects you care passionately about, and develop the skills to make a real impact! Learn valuable leadership skills to take back to your community and campus, and have an opportunity to design and run peer-led projects.
  • Professional Development: Choose from a wide variety of activities offered in fields such as sea sports, entrepreneurship, military experience, law & government, mind & body and more! Increase your sense of identification and appreciation for Israeli society and modern Israel, and help build your resume by doing what you love.
  • Technology: Become a professional App Developer or Web and Graphic Designer, with a training course which will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in your future hi-tech career. Internship at top Israeli hi-tech companies and Startups and get inspired by Israeli entrepreneurs.
  • Arts & Culture: Experience the best of Israel without putting your artistic talents on pause! Perfect opportunity for students of music, dance, theater and the visual arts to experience a unique program which integrates them into Israeli culture, while simultaneously working alongside professionals in the field.
  • Jewish Studies: Choose from a range of programs designed to deepen your connection to the Jewish people and its traditions. 
    Delve into the history, explore your own Jewish identity, gain familiarity with a wide variety of Jewish texts or study to become a Jewish communal professional.