Services offered by the Masa Leadership Center and Educational Design Unit

Over the past fifteen years, Masa has impacted thousands of young adults through its established leadership and career development programs in Israel.

Today, Masa opens their doors to offer their expertise to the wider Jewish world and offers workshops for partners and colleagues.

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The Masa Leadership Center

The Masa Leadership Center builds the capacity of early and mid-career adults to seed change on the tough challenges facing Israel and Jewish communities around the world. Our approach draws upon the Adaptive Leadership framework developed by the Harvard Kennedy School. Together with our global faculty and our partners we channel a fresh and diverse stream of professionals and volunteers into Jewish communal life.

Examples of Workshop Offerings:

Exposure Visits: Diagnosing Adaptive Challenges in the Israeli Context This workshop will hone your skills of diagnosing adaptive challenges by using case studies in Israeli society.

Summer Leadership Incubator The Masa Leadership Center's Summer Incubator is a six-week program co-designed with partners and subsidized jointly by Onward Israel and Masa. The Incubator is designed to help the participating organization make progress on a challenge that if is facing. We invite you to partner in our Incubator for 2021.

Pre-Professional Tracks Partner with us in enriching the professional development of selected Masa participants currently in Israel through a 6-part track co-designed with you and the Masa Leadership Center. Upon completion of their Masa program, we help deploy fellows into professional placements within your organization.

Train the Trainers Join the Masa Leadership Center in advancing the national Israeli footprint of senior facilitators in the field of leadership development by participating in our bi-annual Train the Trainers. This three-day Adaptive Leadership course is taught by a global faculty.

We also offer standalone sessions; experiential sessions that help build leadership capacity in individuals and groups, run by MLC's trained faculty, including:

Immunity to Change: Unlocking Potential for Organizational Growth

Exploring your Leadership Edge: Leadership vs. Authority

For more information and to continue a conversation:
Sarah Mali, VP, Masa Leadership Center: sarahm@masaisrael.org

Masa’s Educational Design Unit

Masa’s Educational Design Unit excels at designing experiences where young professionals grow. Our experiences - seminars, meetups, retreats, online courses, and more - engage hundreds of Masa fellows and alumni every year. We are happy to share our expertise and experience in adult learning, educational design and career management with any organization who wants to step up their engagement with young adults. Reach out if you are searching for:

Staff Training. Here's some examples of what we do:

  • Career Management: ideas and methods to engage young professionals.
  • From Schedule to Experience: the design of innovative learning experiences
  • Don’t treat them like children - moving from pedagogy to adult learning

Consulting and Mentoring.

  • Let us help you shape quality Career Development opportunities for your team and for your audience.
  • We can work with you to design successful engagement opportunities for Young Adults.

We also revel in compelling professional encounters with those who love education - and do education. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to have a chat!

For more information and to continue a conversation, visit the Educational Design Unit website or contact:
Avy Leghziel, Executive Director, Educational Design Unit avyl@masaisrael.org

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