Put your leadership skills to the test in an exciting five-month journey in Israel: Shinshinim IL is a new and exclusive program designed specifically for American high school graduates who wish to do a gap year in Israel. Meaningful volunteer work, learning important functional skills and making lifelong friendships are just some of the many benefits that will help make this a once in a lifetime experience.
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This program is currently open to applicants from certain communities. Please write your community or city name and we will be in touch if the opportunity becomes available.
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Shin-Shin (pronounced sheen-sheen) is a Hebrew acronym for Shnat Sherut, or year of service. Shinshinim are Israeli high-school graduates who choose to postpone their army service in exchange for a year of service in Jewish communities around the world. 

Shinshinim bring Israel to the rest of the world. 
Masa Shinshinim bring their parts of the world to Israel. 

October 2023 - February 2024

You will spend the next five months volunteering in our partnership region Yokneam Megiddo. You will work with interesting social initiatives in the region such as youth movements, activities for children at risk, work with Ethiopian teens, volunteer at the food bank, teach English in the region’s elementary and high schools, etc. Experience what it’s like to live in a local Israel Commune – "Ot Hanoar- Youth Award" as well as connect with Israeli host families and immerse yourself in Israeli life and culture.   
For over 25 years the Jewish Federations of Atlanta and St. Louis invest in Yokneam and Megido and strengthen the connections between the two communities. Many visitors from Atlanta and St. Louis see Yokneam and Megido as their home in Israel and now…it's your turn!
Program Highlights:

  • Volunteer in interesting social initiatives in the region- youth movements, sports, and musical activities for kids at risk, Ethiopian teens, food bank, fruit picking etc.
  • Interact with Israelis in different social gatherings and workshops.
  • Discover the beautiful nature and the unique characteristics of the region; live in a Kibbutz, visit in a Moshav and discover the unique Hi-Tech Park in Yokneam.
  • Teach English in elementary schools in the region in Ort Alon and Megido high schools
  • Share your thoughts and ideas for promoting P2G projects to strengthen the connection between our communities.
  • Learn Hebrew in Ulpan

Enjoy cultural programming, such as:

  • Host family: fully immerse yourself in Israeli life by getting to know an adoptive family from Yokneam and Megido 
  • Trips: travel throughout Israel on monthly trips with other Israelis and Shinshinm IL
  • Special training and certifications, such as Magen David Adom
Let's break it down:
  • Eligibility:
  • You must be Masa-eligible (you have not previously participated in a long-term program in Israel)
  • You are a high school graduate between the ages of 18-20
  • You live in Atlanta or St. Louis
  • Cost: $2000 plus air travel. This program is generously subsidized by Masa Israel Journey and the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and Atlanta.

Hear from our Shinshinim: