Learn More About a Year of Service in Israel

Deepening and Strengthening your Connection to Israel

An Unforgettable Post High School Experience in Israel for Less Than $7,500 USD  

Volunteering at Rambam Hospital or NA’AMAT  

This fall 2019, a select group of participants will take part in a groundbreaking pilot program bringing Jewish youth from all over the world together in Israel to dedicate a year of their lives engaging in meaningful volunteer service contributing to Israeli society.

For post high school graduates who want to make a meaningful difference and contribute to something bigger than themselves by doing their share for the Jewish people, an unforgettable Masa Year of Service is waiting for you in Israel

Program Benefits

  • A Masa Year of Service in Israel is generously subsidized to cost less than $7,500 USD after your Masa grant is applied (academic modules can be added at additional discounted fees)

  • Volunteer and interact with Israelis from diverse backgrounds

  • Local housing and a monthly stipend

  • Travel around the country with educational trips and seminars

  • Forge deeper relationships between Israeli and Diaspora Jewry

  • Gain resume-boosting professional experience before starting university

  • Take advantage of opportunities to earn college credit

  • Fulfill a sense of duty by contributing to the Jewish people

  • Choose from supportive tracks designed for all religious and secular backgrounds

  • Masa Israel Journey is a joint project of the Government of Israel, and the Jewish Agency for Israel.