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Has your graduate school been moved online? Why not study from Tel Aviv, instead?

Continue taking your online classes, just from Israel!

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Culturally, spiritually, religiously.
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Continue your academic studies while you relocate for 4+ months and join a community of international graduate students who have all been craving some time in Israel. There will be a special focus on the secret ingredients of the entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and high-tech scene that make the Start-up Nation so successful on a global scale.

Masa Remote Study was designed to enrich graduate students whose studies have been moved online, with an academic experience abroad like no other. Take advantage of this rare opportunity in time to continue your studies in one of the most vibrant ecosystems in the world, with other international students like yourself!

Let’s break down how it works: 

  • Length: 4+ months
  • Cost: starting at $1,780 per month, after a Masa scholarship is applied (depending on the length and type of accommodation) 
  • Masa takes care of everything: entry permit and visa, health insurance, accommodation, work & study space, security and guidance, and more 
  • We offer cultural programming and communal engagement 
  • Your Masa program schedule will be adjusted and designed based on your school's time zone to allow you to take a full day of classes
  • Must be Masa-eligible, 22-30 years old, and from the United States, Canada, UK & other selected countries.  
  • Download our brochure for a complete overview of the program



  • Study Space: You will receive access to a shared co-working open space in Tel Aviv which will allow you to study at your convenience

  • Mentorship: Professional guidance, coaching, training, & workshops

  • Networking: Meet other people your age on other Masa programs from 50+ different countries


  • Hebrew Course: Taught at an elite private Hebrew language school in Tel Aviv

  • Trips: Travel throughout Israel on monthly trips with other Masa Fellows!

  • Positive Impact Initiatives: Immerse yourself in Israeli society by volunteering your time through various partnerships within the community.  


  • Accommodations: Premium housing in the heart of Tel Aviv; furnished, and includes all utility expenses, security, & realtor fees. 3-4 bedroom apartments
  • Medical Insurance: Highly subsidized socialized healthcare plan in Israel

  • Entrance Permit & Visa: Official documentation to legally stay in Israel for the duration of the program

  • Staff Support: Staff to assist you during your time on the program in Israel


You will be immersed as part of a
community of fellow graduate students from around the world.

Be location-independent with other young professionals like yourself, while you work from a shared study space together.


You can't get much better than the beaches, culture, and vibrant nightlife of Tel Aviv. You'll live in new apartments which are located right above the Tel Aviv Fashion Mall.  

Option for 3 or 4 people per apartment (one person per bedroom).  

We are excited to offer you a unique opportunity to study remotely & experience living in Israel.

We are honored to contribute to your success!
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